Get Paid to Take Pictures of Houses

Earn extra income by simply taking photos of homes in need of repair

Help us find Properties to Buy!

Making extra money in your spare time is easy. Anytime you drive, bike walk or run by a distressed property, just send us the picture and address of it here from your phone.

Perfect For:

  • Uber or Lyft Drivers
  • DoorDash and Delivery Drivers
  • Postal Workers, Fedex, UPS
  • Junk Haulers
  • Landscapers and Lawn Crews
  • Door-to-Door Salesmen

or really anyone who's already on the road and driving through neighborhoods where vacant and distressed looking property is!

TALK TO PEOPLE and ASK: "Do you know anyone that has though about selling their property?"

Compound your Payouts!

Every property we buy from your submittal creates a stacking payout that resets yearly!

1st Referral Purchased: $500
2nd Referral Purchased: $1,000
3rd Referral Purchased: $2,000
4th Referral Purchased: $4,000

Any additional referrals purchased for the year, $4,000 each!